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Climate Action Plan

The County of San Diego is committed to helping communities thrive while protecting the region’s unique and diverse natural resources. One of the County’s sustainability tools is the 2018 Climate Action Plan (2018 CAP), which contains a series of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years. These measures are administered through multiple County departments and focus on activities that occur within the unincorporated area of the region, and within County-owned facilities, regardless of location.

The County is actively engaged in implementing the 26 measures in the 2018 CAP to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On September 30, 2020, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors voted to set aside its approval of the County’s 2018 Climate Action Plan (2018 CAP) and related actions because the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (2018 CAP SEIR) was found to be out of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In response to this Board action, staff are preparing a Climate Action Plan Update (CAP Update) to revise the 2018 CAP and correct the items identified by the Court within the Final 2018 CAP SEIR that were not compliant. The 2018 CAP and EIR are being revised in partnership with residents, and business and environmental groups. The County continues implementing sustainability measures to effectively reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) as part of its ongoing commitment to the environment. The court ruling struck down part of the 2018 CAP’s EIR but did not find fault with its 26 GHG reduction measures. Learn more about the CAP Update.


The County reduced 201,932 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by implementing 2018 Climate Action Plan measures in 2021. Find status updates on all 26 measures on the 2018 CAP dashboard, and read the full 2021 Climate Action Progress Annual Report to learn more.


reduction in County fleet emissions below 2014 levels


rain barrels distributed through the County Watershed Protection Program's discounted rain barrel program


trees planted by the Department of Parks and Recreation

Permitted residential solar power equivalent to


homes, over 90% through the County's Online Permits platform


acres of open space conserved through the Multiple Species Conservation Program


The 2018 CAP reduces greenhouse gas emissions through 26 enforceable, quantifiable, and achievable measures within five emissions sectors. Roll over and click on each button to learn more. 


Built Environment & Transportation


Solid Waste

Water & Waste Water

Agriculture & Conservation


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