County of San Diego
Climate Action Plan

The County of San Diego is committed to helping communities thrive while protecting the region’s unique and diverse natural resources. One of the County’s sustainability tools is the Climate Action Plan (CAP), which contains a series of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years. These measures are administered through multiple County departments and focus on activities that occur within the unincorporated area of the region, and within County-owned facilities, regardless of location.

The County is actively engaged in implementing the CAP and its 26 measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The County reduced 103,643 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by implementing Climate Action Plan measures through 2018. Find status updates on all 26 measures on the CAP dashboard, and read the full 2018 Annual Monitoring Report to learn more. 


The CAP reduces greenhouse gas emissions through 26 enforceable, quantifiable, and achievable measures within five emissions sectors. Roll over and click on each button to learn more. 


Built Environment & Transportation


Solid Waste

Water & Waste Water

Agriculture & Conservation


County of San Diego climate action stories, news, and updates


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