Energy Efficient New Construction

The County seeks construction firms with expertise in green building design when building new County facilities. This allows the County to achieve LEED Certification on all new buildings and major renovations. Through energy efficient design, state-of-the-art building automation, and employee training, the County continues to reduce its energy consumption.


The County of San Diego requires Zero Net Energy performance for all new facilities and major renovations.  Zero Net Energy refers to a facility where annual energy production is equal to energy consumption. There are currently 7 ZNE buildings in our inventory, with 2 others planned to open in 2022/2023.  Our newest ZNE site, the Ohio Street Probation Office, opened in April 2022, and has since been presented with merit and design awards. Currently, over 1.7 million square feet of County-owned buildings are LEED certified.

Learn more about our LEED Certified and ZNE Buildings and Design Standards!

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•   Design Standards for County Facilities and Property - Board of Supervisors Policy G15