Facility Maintenance


The Facilities Operations component of the Department of General Services is the “Behind the Scenes” strike team providing building maintenance, repair, and contract support services to County of San Diego facilities. This includes performance of preventive maintenance on essential building systems, time critical response to emergency repairs, accomplishment of unscheduled maintenance services, compliance and service quality oversight for contract support, and physical security/guard services at select County facilities. Facilities Operations has responsibility for approximately 7.6 million square feet of County property which includes facility support to the County Sheriff, Courts, District Attorney, Health and Human Services Agency, Registrar of Voters, Tax Assessor, various administrative offices and much more. Facility Operations ensures County residents, as well as County employees, continuously benefit from a safe, healthy, and functional business environment.

The County encompasses an area of over 4,000 square miles and is divided into five (5) regions containing 17 zones for maintenance purposes. The Facilities Operations Deputy Director oversees day-to-day operations and is responsible for a staff of over 200 employees. Each region is managed by a Facility Support Manager (FSM) reporting directly to the Deputy Director. Each Zone consists of a Building Maintenance Supervisor (BMS) that reports to their regional FSM. Each BMS directs a crew of Facilities Operations professionals consisting of Building Maintenance Engineers (BME), Carpenters, HVAC Technicians, Electricians, Electronic Security Technicians, Welders, Painters, Masons, and Plumbers, as well as overseeing contract vendors that support their operations.

For questions regarding Facilities Operations, please email @DGS Facilities Operations Center.


Mail Services


Mail Services provides complete mailing services to all County departments. Services include processing of outgoing mail and management of the County’s interoffice mail delivery network.

County of San Diego departments mail in excess of 8.6 million pieces annually. Mail services is responsible for the mailing of these pieces and works with the United States Postal Service to take advantage of postal discounts available to high volume business mailers. These postage discounts allow County departments to control postage costs while serving the needs of the public.

The other primary function of the Mail Service unit is the operation of the interoffice mail network. Interoffice mail services are provided to 340 county offices daily which allows county departments to move documents between offices in a timely manner.

For questions regarding Mail Services, please call 858.694.3018.