Facility Planning & Design


The Project Management Division is responsible for facility planning, design, construction and inspection of buildings and structures owned or leased by the County. The staff of registered planners, architects, engineers and construction professionals provides in-house facility planning and development services to County departments, working through contracted consultants and private sector construction companies to execute the work. The Division also manages the annual Major Maintenance and Capital Improvements programs. The Division serves as the County's Owner Representative and provides management oversight and contract administration related to these outside services.

The Strategic Facilities Planning  section ensures that facilities in the County’s portfolio align with client departments’ service delivery requirements. This section is responsible for working with client departments to develop the County’s 5-year forecast of planned and potential capital projects, also known as the Capital Improvement Needs Assessments (CINA). For more information on the capital planning process and to find out how to get involved please visit our engagement webpage.

For questions regarding facility planning, design and construction, please contact @DGS Asset Management.

Outstanding Capital Projects

The Outstanding Capital Projects Report is a user-friendly Excel report that allows the reader to read, filter and sort the data based upon individual preference. The report will be updated twice a year during the Recommended and Adopted Budget process. The report includes all outstanding capital projects for the current fiscal year, those projects that will be closed at the end of the current fiscal year (marked with a *) and any new projects added during the current Recommended and Adopted Budget cycle with appropriation amounts.  The additional information provided in this report also identifies the Capital Fund in which each project is budgeted, the fiscal year the capital project was established, the total appropriations, total expenditures, and the amended budget for each Outstanding Project. This report excludes information about Edgemoor Development Fund.

The goal of this report is to provide useful information about the Capital Program. If you have any additional questions about the report or a capital project, please call Steve Schmidt at 858-694-2401 to request additional information.

These topics generally fall outside the Capital Planning process but are important to our region and receive a lot of attention. Links are available for each category so you can get more information: