Acquisition Services


The Real Estate Services Division represents other County departments in real estate negotiations for purchase of land by the County or leasing real property interests in which the County is the tenant. The Division provides valuation (appraisal) services in support of these acquisition and leasing functions. The Division also administers and manages relocation assistance for owners of property displaced by County property acquisition projects, in accordance with Federal and State laws. The Real Estate Services Division has three sections- Acquisition Services, Acquisition Leasing and Valuation- to provide these services for the County.

The Acquisition Services Section acquires real property for County use through negotiation of transactions in the open market, or through condemnation (eminent domain) proceedings; acquires real property on behalf of private developers, using eminent domain; and administers and manages the Relocation Assistance Program for occupants displaced by County improvement projects. The Acquisition Services Section also provides information on gifts and donations of real estate to the County.

The Valuation Section provides appraisals of property proposed for acquisition by the County. Valuation Section also supports the County’s landlord and tenant leasing activities with rent studies. Finally, valuations are also provided for properties owned by the County and proposed for sale.