Increase County Vehicle Efficiency

The County has accomplished 10% emissions reduction by Fleet vehicle replacement efforts targeting replacement of older, less fuel efficient vehicles.  35% of sedan vehicles procured in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 were hybrid or compact alternatives.  The current fleet composition has 131 hybrids, 6 EV plug-ins, and 5 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles with many new EV vehicles currently on order.  Additionally, 36 electric golf carts are used in campus environments in lieu of gasoline powered transportation. Over the life of a typical vehicle, the current hybrids alone will save approximately 304,000 gallons of fuel for a financial savings of $1.3 million.  It is anticipated that over 50 EVs will be part of our Fleet by the summer of 2018.


EV Charger


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network 

As part of the County’s Strategic Energy Plan, 37 electric vehicle charging stations have been installed for public and County of San Diego employee use at 10 County sites.


Power Your Drive

County staff has been working closely with SDG&E to participate in the Power Your Drive Program. This program involves SDG&E installing, operating, and maintaining a new network of 3,500 electric vehicle charging stations throughout San Diego. The County was able to get into the program early as a pilot partner and EV installations are underway at 7 County facilities. These stations will serve County Fleet Vehicles and are being installed, operated and maintained by SDG&E, at no cost to the County except for the power used.