Wireless Leasing Opportunities

Contractor Access to Commercial Wireless Facilities on County Property

The County of San Diego maintains Regional Center facilities which require a high degree of security. Access to each of these facilities requires that each carrier, their site acquisition agents, and all authorized subcontractors, obtain contractor security access at their sole expense. The security approvals must be received in advance of conducting any site modifications. The security sensitive facilities include but are not limited to the Housing and Community Development building located at 3989 Ruffin Road, County Regional Centers, Sheriff Detention Centers, and the County Administrative Office located on Pacific Highway. Security access contractor badge applications can be obtained by contacting:

Department of General Services, Security Office
5560 Overland Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92123-1294
(858) 694-2387

The lack of prior security access approval will result in denial of access to any of the County Regional Centers or any other designated security sensitive facilities.

For additional information contact:

County of San Diego
Real Estate Services Division
Attn: Steven Johnson 
5560 Overland Avenue, Suite 410
San Diego, CA 92123
(619) 726-1514