Santee Animal Care Shelter

A new state of the art animal shelter in Santee serving the East and South County. It will provide a safe environment for animals and the public. Landscape enhancements will be made along the Riverview Parkway front, including a secured and open courtyard, an outdoor livestock area, activity yards, a secured staff parking lot, and a public parking lot.

  • Location: Riverview Parkway & Magnolia Avenue, Santee, CA
  • Expected Completion: November 2025
  • Contact: Mark Zabonik,


  • Animal intake & care during local disaster events
  • Affordable spay/neuter, vaccinations, and basic pet wellness services for the public
  • Emergency response deployment hub
  • Pet adoption
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  • Zero Net Energy
  • Building will create as much energy as it consumes each year
  • Embodied Carbon Reduction
  • Incudes the Green House Gases (GHG) arising from the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials
  • Project will reduce embodied carbon in building materials as much as 30%