Child and Family Well-Being Office of Equity (Child Welfare)



Dr. Keisha Clark is the Program Coordinator for the CWS Office of Equity. Her priorities support CWS’s efforts to become an antiracist system; addressing racial bias, disproportionality, disparities, inequities, and diversity and inclusion issues involving African American and Immigrant/Refugee families, as well as gender and sexual minorities (GSM). Areas of influence include:

  1. Improve diversity and inclusion amongst the internal CWS workforce
  2. Partner with Human Resources, County Office of Equity and Racial Justice , HHSA and CWS Diversity and Inclusion teams, Human Relations Commission, Child and Family Strengthening Advisory Board, and Employee Resource Groups
  3. Collaborate with University and community partners to enhance the hiring of a diverse workforce
  4. Partner with Behavioral Health Services to recruit and retain a diverse pool of clinicians to provide clinical services to children and families
  5. Review policies and practices implemented in CWS from an equity lens
  6. Develop racial impact statements related to the CWS working group recommendations
  7. Facilitate discussions and restorative practice circles amongst CWS staff
  8. Train and/or coordinate training of CWS staff, community partners, legal partners, and resource families
  9. Consult on CWS cases regarding racial and cultural considerations
  10. Partner with Resource Family Approval and Foster and Adoptive Resource Family Services to enhance recruitment efforts of families of color

Dr. Clark is a native of New Orleans, La. and was evacuated to California in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. Her geographic position and experience with trauma uniquely prepares her to lead issues of race that requires a trauma-informed lens. She has provided leadership, organizational, and professional development for the County of San Diego that has led to organizational culture change. Dr. Clark specializes in Cultural Competence, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Anti-racism, and Trauma. Her work has national and international reach in the public and private sector and higher education. She chairs committees and boards that lead community engagement and empowerment.  She has published work in the field of resilience. Dr. Clark welcomes and encourages anyone that has any inquiries to contact her at .