Case Management Program


The CCS Case Management Program is made up of a team that includes

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CCS Medical Case Management Program is a program that has a team of Nurse Case Managers, Health Services Social Workers, OT/PT Therapy Case Managers, Human Services Specialists, and Office Assistants who assist with:  

  • Eligibility process  

  • Navigating health systems  

  • Information  

  • Referrals  

Each child or youth is assigned a Nurse Case Manager who makes sure your child has the right care, at the right time, and at the right place by:  

  • Determining medical eligibility for CCS  

  • Coordinating with families  

  • Consulting specialists at hospitals and clinics   

  • Consulting medical supply companies  

  • Finding medical services  

  • Making sure services are paid for  

Human Services Specialists, and Office Assistants can assist with:  

  • ​Determining financial and residential eligibility for CCS  

  • Addressing Medi-Cal and other health insurance issues  

  • Processing case transfers  


Health Services Social Workers  support children and families with:  

  • Connecting with  community resources  (i.e. food, clothing, shelter)  

  • Consulting with community agencies and resources  

  • Identifying non-medical services (i.e. transportation, educational support, and employment sources)

  • Addressing Medi-Cal and other health insurance issues  

  • Navigating case management services at the conclusion of CCS case closures

  • Conducting Transitional Planning Assessments to prepare young adults to support their medical needs without CCS case management services
  • Requesting mental health information, referrals, and support


Therapy Case Managers are licensed physical or occupational therapists, in a supervisory role who assist with:  

  • Reviewing requests for physical and occupational therapy services  

  • Reviewing requests for durable medical equipment  

  • Reviewing medical eligibility for the CCS Medical Therapy Program  


Services CCS Medical Case Management Program can assist with may include:  

  • Hospital Care and doctor appointments  

  • X-ray and lab services  

  • Diagnostic testing to determine CCS eligible conditions  

  • Medications  

  • Medical equipment and supplies  

  • Home health care


All services, except emergencies, must receive prior authorization.  


Call CCS at (619) 528-4000 when

  • You have questions about CCS  

  • You are having trouble getting medical supplies

  • You can’t get in to see a specialist  

  • You have questions about your CCS eligibility  

  • You have questions about medical insurance, including Medi-Cal and Covered CA  

  • You have questions about community resources  

  • You need support with services


Our administrative staff will direct your call to the best person to assist you.


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