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CCS Medical Therapy Program Mission Statement

To maximize functional independence of children with physical disabilities through family-centered care.


What is CCS Medical Therapy Program

The CCS Medical Therapy Program (MTP) is a statewide program that provides occupational and physical therapy to children with medically eligible conditions. Families play the  biggest  part in a child's therapy. We will work with you and your child to create individual goals and a therapy plan to work towards those goals.  


Physical therapy and occupational therapy may help your child to make progress in such areas as getting around, getting in and out of a wheelchair, walking, feeding, dressing, staying clean and neat, and home skills.  Therapists may also assist you in obtaining medically necessary durable medical equipment.  


Therapy services are provided regionally at 6 Medical Therapy Units (MTU) and 1 satellite unit. 




Not every child is eligible for MTP services. Eligibility for the MTP is different than for the CCS program. Residential eligibility for the MTP is the same, but medical eligibility is different and there is no financial eligibility. In other words, any child who is medically and residentially eligible for the MTP can receive PT and OT at no cost to the family. Two groups of children are served in the MTP.


  1. Children with a neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, or muscular disease. Examples include, but are not limited to: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, osteogenesis imperfecta, arthrogryposis, rheumatoid arthritis, amputation, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and spina bifida
  2. Children under three (3) years old who have certain neurological findings that suggest a high chance that they may have a physical disability that is eligible for the MTP.


How to apply

  • Your doctor may send in a referral  

  • Fill out the CCS application (English / Spanish / Arabic) and send to the CCS Central Office.  

  • You may call (619) 528-4000 for more information




Volunteer with CCS

Are you interested in entering the Health Care Field to become a Physical or Occupational Therapist?  We would love for you to volunteer with us to learn more about this great profession.

Please send us an email and we will respond with current volunteer opportunities.

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