HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Unit

Reports and Statistics

For more information send us an email or phone 619-692-8545.

Physicians’ Bulletins

Published on an as-needed basis.

HIV/AIDS Reports

Surveillance reports 2003-2010 were released annually.  Beginning with 2012, reports are published biennially.

HIV Counseling and Testing Reports

Reports 2006-2007 were published annually.  Beginning with 2011, reports are published biennially.

Special Reports

Special Reports will be updated two years from the latest published date.

Regional Profiles

The Regional Profiles examine the basic demographics of HIV/AIDS within the six Health and Human Service (HHSA) regions of San Diego county.  For each region and the county overall, a profile is available describing AIDS cases and HIV cases.  HIV testing data was limited to the county overall due to too few positive tests for regional analysis.  To download all of the Regional Profiles and the Technical Notes, click here.  Click on the files below for individual profiles.  Regional Profiles will be updated every five years. Updated report coming Winter 2017

*Updated reports expected during Spring include the months January-May; Summer includes June-August; and Fall includes September through December.

More Data...

If you do not find the HIV/AIDS data you need here, please contact us at 619-692-8545 and make a request. Data requests can usually be completed within 10 working days.

Last updated July 13, 2016