Community Action Partnership Strategic Plan

The San Diego County Community Action Partnership (CAP) Strategic Plan serves as 5-year roadmap for the department, highlighting goals that support both the local vision ( Live Well San Diego) and the County of San Diego Strategic Plan, as well as the National Community Action Network Goals

Vision: Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

Mission:  To create a sustainable, resilient, and equitable community that empowers the economically underserved to thrive.

County of San Diego Strategic Initiative County of San Diego Audacious Vision County of San Diego Enterprise-Wide Goal Community Action Partnership Goal

Building Better Health


Every resident has the opportunity to make positive choices that reduce preventable deaths Strengthen the local food system and support the availability of healthy foods, nutrition education and nutrition assistance for those who need it Expand opportunities for low-income individuals, families and communities, to access healthy and affordable food options
San Diego County has fully optimized its health and social service delivery system to make it an industry leader in efficiency, integration and innovation

Promote the implementation of a service delivery system that is sensitive to those individuals who have been affected by traumatic circumstances

Increase capacity in low-income communities to meet the needs of the high-risk/high-need populations that reside there

Living Safely


All San Diego youth are protected from crime, neglect and abuse

Strengthen our prevention and enforcement strategies to protect our youth from crime, neglect and abuse

Provide opportunities for low-income youth and their families to engage in activities that support safety and well-being.
Make San Diego the safest urban county in the nation

Expand data-driven crime prevention strategies and utilize current technologies to reduce crime at the local and regional level

Provide community level support to local law enforcement and other stakeholders to improve safety outcomes

Sustainable Environments/Thriving


All residents engage in community life and civic activities Create and promote diverse opportunities for residents to exercise their right to be civically engaged and in finding solutions to current and future challenges Increase the number of low-income residents engaged in activities that improve the health, safety and well-being of their communities
San Diego is a vibrant region with planning, development, infrastructure and services that strengthen the local economy Provide and promote services that increase consumer and business confidence Expand economic enhancement opportunities in low-income communities

Operational Excellence


San Diego is the best managed county in the nation Maintain fiscal stability to align services to available resources Improve financial and programmatic reporting to ensure CAP services are meeting performance objectives

San Diego County is the best in the nation for providing exceptional customer service

Strengthen our customer-service culture to ensure a positive customer experience Ensure CAP staff and contracted programs provide excellent customer service to low-income communities and the providers that serve them

San Diego County is the best place to work in the nation

Develop, maintain and attract a skilled adaptable and diverse workforce by providing opportunities for our employees to feel valued, engaged and trusted Encourage CAP staff to engage in opportunities for professional growth, including training and participation in community collaboratives

Current 2023-28 CAP Strategic Plan:   2023-28 CAP Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Updates:  CAP provides an Annual Strategic Plan Update to the Community Action Board each year for the previous Calendar Year.  Click below to access CAP Strategic Plan Updates