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Privacy Resources

Privacy Policies, Procedures and Forms

In the interest of transparency, BAC makes all current privacy policies, procedures and forms available to the public. Click here to access them.

Privacy and Security Incident Reporting

To learn more about Privacy and Security Incident Reporting, please refer to the Report a Concern page.

Client Rights and Notice of Privacy Practices

All County clients have certain rights with respect to their privacy. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other state and federal laws, regulate the use of clients' Protected Health Information (PHI). These laws require the County to provide a copy of its Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) to clients for whom the County provides treatment.

Click here to learn more about clients' rights and the NPP.

Information Privacy and Security Provisions (Article 14)

BAC works closely with HHSA contractors and business associates regarding our clients’ protected information. BAC offers a variety of assistance to HHSA contractors to meet these requirements, including training assistance, privacy incident coordination, site visits to assist with best privacy and security practices, and routine collaboration and feedback.

Click here to learn more about Article 14.

External Privacy Links

BAC works with several other state and federal agencies to safeguard clients' protected information. Partner agencies' websites can be informative and serve as resource for privacy considerations outside the scope of HHSA.

Click here to view external privacy links.