Health Reimbursement Account

What is a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?

A Health Reimbursement Account is an IRS approved, employer-funded plan that reimburses you for out-of-pocket eligible healthcare expenses.  In most cases, applicable excess Flex Credits will be automatically directed to the HRA account.  In order to be eligible for an HRA, you must be covered under an employer-sponsored group medical plan (excludes Tricare, Medicare, State Exchange, and any individual plan).  The program includes a “Use It or Lose It” provision, where all claims must be incurred by December 31 of the plan year.

What is the Plan Limit?

The minimum amount is $120.00 and the maximum amount is $5,000.00.  The minimum per pay period amount is $5.00.  Any additional excess Flex Credits above the $5,000.00 limit will be forfeited.

Can I also participate in a Flexible Spending Health Care Account if I have an HRA?

Yes, you may participate up to a maximum of a combined limit of $5,000.00 (you cannot have more than $5,000.00 between the two accounts).

How Does the HRA Work?

The HRA will be administered by the County’s spending account administrator and will have similar eligible expenses as an FSA, including a combined rollover total of $500.00 between the FSA and the HRA.

You will not be eligible for the rollover if you elect an HSA for the next plan year.  You must have an active account at the end of the year in order to be eligible for rollover.

An HRA can reimburse expenses for your spouse and/or dependent child(ren) only if  those family members are also enrolled in a group medical plan, such as an employer-sponsored medical plan (excludes Tricare, Medicare, State Exchange, and any individual plan). Covered dependents must be certified in the ASIFlex system annually.  Instructions can be found in the Resources section below. 

Visit  or call (800) 659-3035 for more information.


HRA Plan Document 

ASI Instructional Guide for Certifying Dependents