BuyNet FAQ


How do I get on the County's bid list?

The County maintains its bid list through BuyNet. Suppliers who wish to be notified of solicitations can register on this site and select commodities for which they wish to receive notifications. Click on the Home link in the menu bar to begin registration.

What is BuyNet?

BuyNet is an interactive web site for suppliers interested in doing business with the County of San Diego BuyNet allows you to register, view solicitations, receive notifications of new solicitations that may be of interest to you, download solicitation attachments, respond to Request for Quotation (RFQ) solicitations, and view award notices.

What functionality is included in BuyNet?

  • On-line supplier registration and commodity profiling
  • Commodity based notifications of new solicitation and changes to solicitations
  • Email notifications confirming BuyNet transactions
  • Downloadable solicitation documents
  • On-line entry of responses to RFQs
  • Posting of Notice of Intent to Award
  • Posting and notification of Awards.

What email notifications are sent by BuyNet?

  • Confirmation of supplier registration and changes to registration and password
  • Notification of new solicitations and changes based on commodity profile, response history, and attachment download history.
  • Confirmation of RFQ responses and changes to responses
  • Notification of RFQ Awards to responding suppliers
  • Password retrieval upon online request
  • Confirmation of help requests

Notice: These notifications are a convenience only, and suppliers are cautioned to check the site for the most up to date information.

What happens when I turn off email notifications?

You will no longer receive email notifications based upon your commodity profile. You will still receive emails based upon your BuyNet transactions.

Why do I have to be registered to download an attachment?

BuyNet sends notifications of changes to solicitations, including changes to attachments. The only way to accurately determine who should receive these notifications is to require you to be registered before downloading. If you do not wish to register, you may pick up the information at our office or contact the buyer directly.

Does BuyNet have a privacy policy?

BuyNet is covered by the County of San Diego's Web and Privacy Policy.

How can I find out about upcoming construction projects?

The San Diego Daily Transcript maintains a regional calendar of upcoming construction projects

Where can I find more information about Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise(DVBE) programs?

The County's DVBE program is established in the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors PolicyB-39a. Certification and participation information is available through the State of California Office of Small Business Certification and Resources. Additional information is available through the San Diego DVBE Elite network and the California DVBE Alliance.

Where can I get information on the Federal Stimulus (Recovery Act)?

Federal Stimulus (Recovery Act) Information

Do I need a business license to do business with the County of San Diego?

The County of San Diego does not require a business license, but cities within the County may require a business license when conducting business within the city limits. The County of San Diego does require registration of a Fictitious Business Name, when applicable. See business licenses for more information

Additional Information

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