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San Diego Code of Administrative Ordinances

Section 400, Department of Purchasing and Contracting


San Diego County Charter

Section 705: Purchasing Agent.
The Director of Purchasing and Contracting acts as the Purchasing Agent. Except in cases of emergency, the Purchasing Agent shall make all purchases for the County and may make them only upon receipt of a requisition signed by an official authorized by the Board. Emergency purchases may be made by others authorized by the Board, but they shall be subsequently either approved by the Purchasing Agent or ratified by a four-fifths vote of the Board. Purchases of property for the County are invalid unless made as specified in this Section. (Amended, effective 9-11-06)
Section 705.1: Except in cases of emergency, the Purchasing Agent may not issue a formal purchase order without the Auditor and Controller's certification that sufficient funds are, or will become, available in the proper fund.
Section 705.2: The Purchasing Agent shall follow the rules and procedures established by ordinance of the Board for the purchase of necessary materials, supplies, furnishings, and property.
Section 705.3: A Supervisor or an officer shall not attempt, directly or indirectly, to influence or coerce the Purchasing Agent in the performance of duty. Except for the purpose of inquiry, a Supervisor shall not deal directly with the Purchasing Agent for the purpose of buying supplies. The Board shall conduct official business with the Purchasing Agent only as a Board convened in regular session.
Section 705.4: Prohibition on Requiring Project Labor Agreements.
(a) For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:
(1) “Contractor” shall mean and include a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, carrier or other person or firm engaged in the completion of a construction project;
(2) “Construction project” shall mean and include any project for the construction, rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, extension, maintenance, repair, or improvement of any structures or real property;
(3) “Project labor agreement” shall mean any pre-hire, collective bargaining or similar type of agreement entered into with one or more labor organizations, employees or employee representatives that establishes the terms and conditions of employment on a construction project.
(b) Except as required by State or federal law as a contracting or procurement obligation, or as a condition of the receipt of State or federal funds, the County shall not require a contractor on a construction project to execute or otherwise become a party to a project labor agreement as a condition of bidding, negotiating, awarding or the performing of a contract.
(c) Nothing in this Section shall be construed as prohibiting private parties that may perform work on County construction projects from entering into project labor agreements or engaging in activity protected by law.
(Added, effective 11/2/2010)

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