Staff Directory

Jack Pellegrino



Allen Hunsberger Assistant Director



Community Engagement and Education

DPC Outreach    
Paola Munoz Program Manager 858-505-6382

DPC Academy

DPC Academy    
Nicole Le  Fol Administrative Analyst III

Richard McCarvell

Chief, Procurement Services



Finance and General Government Group

BOS/COB, ARCC, TTC, Grand Jury, Civil Service, CLERB, CAO, FG3, CTO, DHR, CC

David Dominguez Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-329-8618
David Robar Procurement Contracting Officer

Finance and General Government Group


Carlos Santiago Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-264-9637
Jeannine Joergensen Procurement Contracting Officer 619-992-6187
Julie Searight Procurement Contracting Officer 858-239-6334
Josh Blandino Procurement Contracting Specialist 619-372-1908
Christopher Almazan Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-463-8779
Yu-Kuang Hou Assistant Procurement Specialist 619-964-0529
Nathaniel Pimentel Assistant Procurement Specialist 619-772-2042

Michael Derr

Chief, Procurement Services



Land Use and Environmental Group


Martha Trevejo Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-997-9405    
Veronica Ford Procurement Contracting Officer 619-323-7640    
John Shin Procurement Contracting Officer 619-780-1932    
Nallely Anderson Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-229-9042    
Eric Ayres Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-463-9172

Land Use and Environmental Group

AWM, DEHQ, Housing, Library, PDS, Team LUEG, UCCE

Jose Sandoval Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-568-8262    
Holly Lam Procurement Contracting Officer 619-361-0913    
Fernando Aparicio Procurement Contracting Specialist 619-541-5596    
Francisco Ruiz Enrigue  Procurement Contracting Specialist  619-753-6871    
Teresa Villegas Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-357-5634
Reutilization and Property Disposal Services
Reutilization and Property Disposal   858-505-6355    
Mimi Johnson Administrative Analyst II 858-505-6841    
Records Services        
Records Services   858-505-6371    
Natalie Schrepfer County Records Manager 858-505-6484    
Shelly Castle County Records Coordinator 858-505-6316

Sheena Figueroa


Chief, Procurement Services






Health and Human Services Agency

BHS, Support Divisions

Kristen McEachron   Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-880-5188  
Joseph Craft   Procurement Contracting Officer 858-833-0145  
Lina Kim   Procurement Contracting Officer 619-609-8016  
Charmaine Portacio    Procurement Contracting Officer 858-298-5950  
Tiana Row   Procurement Contracting Officer 858-588-1237  
Valerie Bailey   Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-325-5538  

Health and Human Services Agency

AIS, HSEC, IHSS, MCSD, PA/PG, PHS, Public Authority

Victoria Flores   Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 619-782-2309  
Katrina McDonald   Procurement Contracting Officer 619-366-2984  
Julie Terrell   Procurement Contracting Officer 858-740-0315  
Cassi Jackson-Grijalva   Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-414-2500  

Health and Human Services Agency

CWS, Eligibility, First 5, HCDS

Kelsey Neal   Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 619-405-3796  
Punnita Dinmuong   Procurement Contracting Officer 619-605-9405  
Emmanuel Castro   Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-267-2026  
Sean Behan

Chief, Procurement Services

Public Safety Group  
Jaclyn Smith Sr. Procurement Contracting Officer 858-761-2903
Carlos Benitez Procurement Contracting Officer 619-405-7172
Thomas Bush Procurement Contracting Officer 858-987-2479
Mark Cooper Procurement Contracting Specialist 619-787-5517
Vanessa Rios
Procurement Contracting Specialist 858-201-0931
Patricia Arana Assistant Procurement Specialist 619-884-1756
Guibel Icke Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-723-1560
Jack Leedham Assistant Procurement Specialist 858-723-1031
Countywide Procurement
Josielyn Kaai Procurement Contracting Officer 858-997-4058
Countywide and P-Card  
Marigene Lim-Viernes Program Coordinator 858-505-6417
Countywide Administration
Countywide Program   858-505-6680
Kelly San Martin Administrative Analyst III 858-505-6392
Ruben Lopez Administrative Analyst II 858-505-6397
Pauline Franco Administrative Analyst I 858-201-1637
Miguel Gonzalez Administrative Analyst I 858-505-6349
Procurement Card Program
P-Card Program   858-505-6538
Debbie Verduzco Administrative Analyst III 858-505-6370
Dyan Rosener Administrative Analyst I 858-505-6340
Administrative Services    
Administrative Services  
Liliane Gee Chief, Departmental Admin Services 858-505-6354  
Procurement Information Technology Support  
Lara Kirsch I.T. Principal 619-857-6161  
Eric Nedelman I.T. Analyst 619-823-0543  
Javier Gallegos I.T. Specialist 858-505-6515  
Kimberly Painter Administrative Analyst 619-539-4113