San Diego Kids Health Assurance Network (SD-KHAN)

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For more information, phone 619-542-4039 or send an email.

SD-KHAN is a collaboration of local community-based organizations, hospitals, government agencies, health plans, and schools working together to connect all children in San Diego County to medical and dental coverage.

Vision: Children healthy in mind, body, and spirit reaching their full potential.

Mission: To assure access to, appropriate utilization, including prevention, and retention of medical and dental services for low-income children in San Diego County.

Goal: Achieve 100% health coverage and 0% disparity for children through sustainable systems approaches to assessing and referring uninsured children to health coverage, and ensuring the use of preventive and comprehensive health services and the retention of a medical and dental home.


  • Identify children in need of health insurance coverage or medical and dental services.
  • Ensure that schools, employers, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) sites, food banks, churches, Head Start, medical providers, dentists, and other community organizations assess insurance status and refer families with uninsured children to appropriate resources.
  • Promote utilization of preventive and ongoing comprehensive health care after health insurance is obtained.
  • Promote retention of health coverage.

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For more information, phone 619-542-4039 or send an email.


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