Federal Stimulus (Recovery Act) Information

  • The County of San Diego is receiving and seeking American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) funds for a variety of projects or programs that will help sustain or create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and improve the community.

  • A list of Federal Stimulus Awards, as well as additional information, may be viewed at Recovery San Diego.

  • Purchasing and Contracting is committed to transparency and accountability and will strive to make businesses aware of all contracting opportunities available to them.


Information for Suppliers Looking for Contracting Opportunities

  • Businesses wanting to participate in Recovery Act funded and other contracting opportunities should register on our BuyNet eProcurement web site.

  • BuyNet is an interactive web site for suppliers interested in doing business with the County of San Diego.  There is no fee for any supplier to register, receive email notifications, download documents, respond to solicitations, or be awarded a contract.

  • The County has many existing contracts in place that allow departments to quickly purchase a variety of goods and services at prices that have been assessed to be fair and reasonable through competitive procurement.  Recovery Act funds may be used against existing contracts where federal guidelines allow.  

  • Job Order Contracts (JOCs) are competitively bid public works contracts used for repair, remodeling, or other repetitive work.  Such contracts are annual and are awarded for approximately $4.2 million (based on a consumer price index adjustment).  JOCs cover a number of construction specialties such as general construction, electrical, asphalt paving, painting, HVAC, etc. As requirements are known, the County will issue task orders to the JOC contractor to prepare a proposal for discussion and final task award by the County.

  • Cooperative purchasing agreements are used by the County of San Diego to expedite the procurement of goods and services.  In this case, the County will "piggyback" or use other public agencies' competitively awarded contracts for the same products or services.  The criteria in allowing the County to use these alternative contract tools are: competitively awarded; same or similar goods or services; contract is still active and has not expired.

  • The procurement of architectural, landscape architectural, engineering, environmental, land surveying, construction project management, and related professional services is governed by Board of Supervisors Policy F-40  "Procuring Architectural, Engineering, and Related Professional Services".  The County will invite professional service consultants to propose on a particular project based on several dollar thresholds: 

    • Below $250,000 the County can use an existing or standing "as needed" list from which to invite a selected consultant to negotiate on a particular project.  If negotiations fail, the County will proceed down the list until it successfully negotiates with a consultant possessing the necessary skills. 

    • For projects in excess of $250,000, the County will seek qualified professional service consultants using a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process.  Qualified consultants are then ranked. Those selected from the Qualified list of consultants are ranked against the evaluation criteria and negotiations begin with the highest ranked.  If the negotiation is not successful, the County will proceed to the next ranked.  Upon the completion of a successful negotiation an award is made.

Important Information for DVBE Firms

  • It is the County's intent to encourage and facilitate participation by the disabled veteran businessperson.  In accordance with Board of Supervisors Policy B-39a, businesses eligible for certification as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) should get certified with the State of California

  • You may find or verify DVBE firms here