Clean Energy & Power

Clean Energy & Power funding opportunities include delivering clean power, clean energy demonstrations, and energy efficiency and weatherization retrofits for homes, buildings, and communities. 

The Grant Status column will be updated as grants are pursued. 

  • Monitoring – monitoring the grant program and waiting for more guidance to be released
  • Applying – preparing the grant application to apply for funds
  • Applied – submitted application
  • Awarded – awarded grant funds
  • Not Awarded – not awarded grant funds 
Grant Program Monitoring Project Description Grant Status Grant Release Date
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program County is monitoring for development of energy efficient strategies and energy efficiency audits. Monitoring Fall 2022
Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs County is monitoring for clean hydrogen production, processing, delivery, storage, and end use. Monitoring June 2022
Energy Improvement in Rural and Remote Areas County is monitoring for accessibility, safety, and efficiency of energy in rural or remote areas and for environmental protection Monitoring Fall 2022
Carbon Utilization Program County is monitoring  to use products from captured carbon oxides.  Monitoring Fall/Winter 2022