Transportation funding opportunities includes roads, bridges and major projects, airports ports and waterways, safety and electric vehicles.

The Grant Status column will be updated as grants are pursued. 

  • Monitoring – monitoring the grant program and waiting for more guidance to be released
  • Applying – preparing the grant application to apply for funds
  • Applied – submitted application
  • Awarded – awarded grant funds
  • Not Awarded – not awarded grant funds 
Grant Program Monitoring Project Description Grant Status Grant Release Date
Bridge Formula Program Funding is for the States. We are continuing to monitor and watch for any eligibility for unincorporated bridge replacement, rehabilitation, preservation, protection, or construction projects on public roads and tribal lands.  Applying October 2022
Bridge Investment Program

County is monitoring to improve bridges in the unincorporated area on the National Bridge Inventory and culvert condition, safety, efficiency, and reliability.


June 2022

Local and Regional Project Assistance Grants (RAISE)

County is applying for funds through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) discretionary grant program to modernize infrastructure. 


Spring 2022

Pilot Program for Transit Oriented Development 

County is monitoring to improve transit access for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, engage the private sector, identify infrastructure needs, and enable mixed-use development near transit stations.


May 26, 2022

Intelligent Transportation Systems Program

County is monitoring to improve safety on rural roadways.



National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program 

County is monitoring for potential acquisition and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support clean mobility in the region.


Early 2023

Advanced Transportation Technologies & Innovative Mobility

The County is monitoring for potential to deploy, install, and operate advanced transportation technologies.



Charging and Fueling Infrastructure

County is monitoring as this would help install electric vehicle charging and alternative fuel in locations on public roads, schools, parks, and in publicly accessible parking facilities, in alignment with Electric Vehicle Roadmap and Climate Action Plan.


Winter 2022

Carbon Reduction Program   Funding is for the States. We are continuing to monitor and watch for any eligibility for potential projects to reduce transportation emissions or the development of carbon reduction strategies. Monitoring April 2022
Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program

County is monitoring to improve and expand the surface transportation infrastructure in rural areas to increase connectivity.


May 23, 2022

Safe Streets and Roads for All County is monitoring to support local initiatives to prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets. Monitoring May 16, 2022
Highway Safety Improvement Program County is monitoring for highway safety improvement projects. Applying May 9, 2022
Grants for Planning, Feasibility Analysis, and Revenue Forecasting (Bridge Investment Program Set-aside) County is monitoring to support projects that improve bridge (and culvert) condition, safety, efficiency, and reliability. Monitoring May 2022
National Highway Performance Program County is monitoring to potentially collaborate on national highways. Monitoring Spring 2022
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program Formula grant for States. County is monitoring to reduce congestion and improve air quality for areas that do not meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Monitoring Spring 2022
Airport Terminal Program Provide grants to eligible airports for capital improvements for airport terminal development. Applied February 2022
Airport Infrastructure Grants  Funds can be invested in runways, taxiways, safety and sustainability projects, as well as terminal, airport-transit connections and roadway projects. Applied December 16, 2021
Railway Highway Crossings Program County is monitoring for public railway-highway grade crossings.  Monitoring July 2022
Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program County is monitoring for potential projects that reduce number of wildlife-vehicle collisions, and in carrying out that purpose, improve habitat connectivity. Monitoring Winter 2022