Solid Waste Planning and Recycling

The County of San Diego Recycling Section aims to preserve precious landfill space, conserve natural resources, save water and energy, decrease pollution, increase jobs, and strengthen the economy. The County of San Diego Recycles. It’s In Our Nature!

Latest News

  • The County of San Diego Department of Public Works’ Recycling Program is hiring for the  Recycling Specialist II -22548011 position. You can find the recruitment information on the County of San Diego’s Department of Human Resources website, under “Job Posting” or visiting the webpage: For Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) regarding County job applications, please visit 
  • State law and County ordinance require all residents and businesses to recycle. Non-compliant properties will soon be automatically enrolled in recycling service by their haulers along with the additional cost for these services. For more details, please see our FAQ webpage.
  • Learn about Reducing food waste: Why it matters, Who it helps, and How to do it.
  • The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors unanimously approved updates to the Non-Exclusive Franchise Agreement and Solid Waste Ordinance on May 5, 2021. These updates will help the County achieve its sustainability goals of progressively diverting solid waste from landfills and achieving an 80% waste diversion by 2030, while also aligning with state laws, AB 1826, AB 827, and SB 1383. Learn more here.
  • The County of San Diego is accepting applications to become a Construction and Demolition Franchised Hauler and a Certified Recyclable Materials CollectorLearn more.


Recycling Programs

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