Resilience and Other Programs

We feel the effects of climate change each year when their roads wash out, power goes down, homes are destroyed by wildfires, or schools get flooded. Funding opportunities in the Resilience category includes protection against droughts, heat, floods, and wildfires, in addition to weatherization. 

The Grant Status column will be updated as grants are pursued. 

  • Monitoring – monitoring the grant program and waiting for more guidance to be released
  • Applying – preparing the grant application to apply for funds
  • Applied – submitted application
  • Awarded – awarded grant funds
  • Not Awarded – not awarded grant funds 
Grant Program Monitoring Project Description Grant Status Grant Release Date
Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program For At-Risk Communities - USDA Forest Service County is monitoring for partnership with local fire safe councils and potential projects could include developing or revising community wildfire protection plans and carry out projects described within those plans.  Monitoring Spring 2023

Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Education and Outreach Grants

County is monitoring to improve the effectiveness of residential and community recycling programs through public education and outreach.



National Oceans and Coastal Security Fund

County is monitoring for conservation projects.


Fall 2022

Habitat Restoration

County is monitoring for projects protect communities from flooding or storms.


Fall 2022

National Estuarine Research Reserve System  County is monitoring coastal habitat restoration; coastal habitat restoration planning, engineering and design; land conservation. Monitoring TBD
Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants (National Flood Insurance Act Sec 1366) Reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures. Monitoring Sept 2022
Bioproduct Pilot Program  County is monitoring for potential connetion to agricultural commodities.  Monitoring June 2022
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration AER Projects County is monitoring for potential increase of aquatic ecosystem restoration Monitoring TBD
Burned Area Recovery County is monitoring to address threats to fish, wildlife and people downstream, that some fires create Monitoring  
Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative Efficient and Cost Saving Transportation (PROTECT) Discretionary/Formula County is monitoring for planning, resilience improvements, community resilience Monitoring Summer/Winter 2022
State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program County is monitoring to address cybersecurity risks. Monitoring TBD
Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations County is monitoring to address resource concerns in a watershed. Monitoring TBD
Ecosystem - Fish Passage County is monitoring for potential projects under the National Fish Passage Program. Monitoring December 2022
Wildfire County is monitoring to support wildfire prediction, detection, observation, modeling, and forecasting.  Monitoring Fall/Winter 2022
Coastal Zone Management  County is monitoring for protecting coastal ecosystems. Monitoring June 2022