Sealing Juvenile Records

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In a case filed under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602, a youth who has satisfactorily completed probation may be eligible to have records sealed immediately when jurisdiction is terminated. For more information, see Welfare and Institutions Code Section 786 and JV-596-INFO Sealing of Records for Satisfactory Completion of Probation.

In any case that has not been sealed, Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 389 and 781 permit persons who have a juvenile record to petition the Juvenile Court to seal their juvenile court record and records in the custody of other agencies, including law enforcement agencies. For more information see JV-595-INFO How to Ask the Court to Seal Your Records.

Information and documents to initiate the record sealing process are available by contacting the San Diego Probation Department.

Juvenile Probation Center / Attn: Record Sealing Officer
2901 Meadow Lark Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 298-6693

Viewing and Copying Juvenile Records

All juvenile records are confidential. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 827 identifies who can access juvenile records.

The child, his or her parents or legal guardian(s), and attorneys of record may obtain copies of court minute orders and selected court documents by appearing at the appropriate business counter with a valid photo identification and completing forms JUV-004 and JUV-237. Please note: If the valid photo identification does not match the name on the juvenile records, a second form of identification (for example, a marriage license) will be required; it must show the name on the juvenile records.

If you cannot appear in person, please submit the completed JUV-004 and JUV-237 forms with a notarized copy of your valid photo identification to the court, along with a telephone number for contacting you to arrange payment. Due to the confidentiality of juvenile records court staff cannot tell you the cost of making copies until the request is received and verified. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the records you are requesting.