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Youth Transition Campus

Youth Transition Campus

The Youth Transition Campus (YTC) is located in the Birdland suburb of San Diego and has been open since February 2022. It is an open setting campus that was intentionally designed to feel like a college campus. The campus features a school yard encompassing classrooms, a gymnasium, an amphitheater, and a support services area including the Visiting Center, the Commons (resident dining), and a state-of-the-art kitchen. There are eight housing units, each with 12 sleeping rooms, with a maximum capacity of 96 youth.  Residents are assigned to a housing unit based on classification criteria such as commitment lengths, age, and gender identification, with the aim of providing for the safety of all residents.

The male and female residents of YTC are either committed to Urban Camp, Youthful Offender Unit (YOU-females), or Healing Opportunities for Personal Empowerment (HOPE) Program (formerly known as the Youthful Offender program). Commitment lengths range from 85 days to 12 months.

Gender-responsive and trauma-informed practices play a critical role in the rehabilitative process at YTC. Utilizing a collaborative approach, the goal of YTC is to provide the resident with the training and skills necessary for successful transition and reintegration into society. Residents can participate in educational services as well as Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in Culinary Arts, Building and Construction, and Graphic Arts through the SOAR Academy. Additionally, residents may receive treatment-based programming such as individual, group, and family counseling and substance use informed treatment. Residents learn about emotional regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and being present through group counseling. They may also participate in enrichment-based programming such as restorative circles, creative expression, and engaging with the outdoors.

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