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Domestic Violence

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  • Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT)

    The County of San Diego Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) meets monthly to review intimate partner domestic violence-related fatalities in order to develop strategies, policy, and program recommendations aimed at preventing future deaths.

    Case findings are compiled, risk factors identified, and determination is made if the case was intervene able at the individual/family, agency, and public policy levels.  Recommendations from aggregate data are then made for strategies, policy, and systems changes.

    All members of the team must sign a confidentiality statement per California Penal Code Sections 11163.3 – 11163.5.

  • Treatment and Intervention Committee (T&I)

    The Treatment and Intervention Committee is comprised of:

    • Court certified domestic violence treatment providers
    • Community domestic violence treatment providers
    • Probation Department representatives

    The purpose of the T&I is:

    • Represent the interests of the Court certified domestic violence agencies and the domestic violence community
    • Review administrative policy issues and Court policies as they relate to certified providers
    • Update members about recent trends and research
    • Provide information and recommendations to San Diego Domestic Violence Council
    • Review administrative issues related to treatment
    • Coordinate research and data collection
    • Upgrade treatment approaches
    • Exchange information about upcoming trainings, events, and treatment issues
    • Liaison with probation representatives
  • Treatment Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (TEMC)

    The TEMC committee is comprised of various members from a range of agencies including the following:

    • Probation Department
    • Legal community
    • Shelter representative
    • Domestic violence survivor
    • Domestic Violence Treatment Providers (not connected to the court certified list)
    • Victim advocate

    The Purpose of the TEMC Committee is to:

    • Investigate complaints regarding court certified treatment provider programs and staff
    • Document program compliance or non-compliance
    • Report and make recommendation to the Probation Department regarding certification and de-certification
    • Evaluate new applications
    • Make site visits to treatment providers prior to full certification and annually for re-certification
    • Interpret Penal Code requirements and Standards for programs and staff
    • Liaison with the Courts regarding programs and Court referrals.
    • Suggest changes and participate in “Standards” update
  • San Diego Domestic Violence Council

    The SDDVC was established in 1989 by a countywide network of battered women's programs, criminal justice agencies, and other organizations and individuals who shared the common goal of wanting to end violence against women and children.

    The SDDVC is made up of over 600 member organizations.  Membership consists of:
    Executive Committee consisting of President, Past President, President Elect, Treasurer and Advisory Member, Program Coordinator, and a Project Coordinator.  The Council also has Board Members consisting of the Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and Advisory Members.

    The Mission of the Council is to develop, promote, and enhance creative prevention and effective intervention initiatives, which will reduce the amount of violence in intimate relationships: to bring people together—in coalitions and committees—to build healthy families in San Diego County.