Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Training

San Diego County Probation Department has a zero tolerance standard for all forms of sexual conduct including sexual harassment, between clients, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors. This zero tolerance on sexual conduct applies to all facilities and programs providing services to our clients under the jurisdiction of the San Diego County Probation Department. All allegations of sexualized conduct will be investigated. Report any suspected sexual abuse to the facility supervisor. 

Training Instructions: Select the link (below) for the required training, download the file (ex: May PREA Training) by clicking “run”.  Open the file- use the arrow to navigate through the training screens. To receive credit for completing the training you must pass the test with a score of 75% or greater once you receive a score of 75% or greater you will advance to the certificate screen.

Email a copy (screen shot) of your certificate of completion to:

PREA Cert sample

To receive credit for the training you MUST INCLUDE the information listed below on the SUBJECT Line of the email:

  • AGENCY you are Employed by
  • The MONTH of Training  Completed  

Example of subject line: 
Doe, John/ Agency:SD Training and Help/May 2015

Training is due by the last day of the month; to ensure lists are updated and forwarded to the facilities/daysites by the 1st completing the training by the 20th would be greatly appreciated.

PREA Forms

PREA Training