PREA Statistics

The below table shows the number of reported allegation of sexual abuse, repeated sexual harassment incidents and the number of substantiated reports within the San Diego County Probation Department’s juvenile facilities during the calendar years noted as reported on the Department of Justice Survey of Sexual Victimization (for break down by facility see the PDF documents below).


Youth-on-Youth Nonconsensual Sexual Acts

Youth-on-Youth Abusive Sexual Contacts Youth-on-Youth Sexual Harassment Staff-on-Youth Sexual Misconduct Staff-on-Youth Sexual Harassment
  # of reported allegations Sub-stantiated # of reported allegations Sub-stantiated # of repeated allegations Sub-stantiated # of reported allegations Sub-stantiated # of repeated  allegations Sub-stantiated
2016 1 None 10 1 11 5 5 None None None
2015 1 None 6 1 8 2 2 None 5 None
2014 1 None 7 3 17 8 2 None 27 2
2013 None None 11 2 None None 3 None None None

San Diego County Probation Department continues to vigorously strengthen its PREA reporting, investigating and tracking system to ensure the agency attains full compliance with all PREA standards.