Ending Homelessness

Continuum of Care Program


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The Continuum of Care (CoC) program is designed to promote the community-wide commitment to end homelessness.

The CoC program funds nonprofit providers and state and local governments that quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families.


We receive Continuum of Care funds to house chronically homeless individuals and families with permanent disabling conditions.  We partner with the following organizations to administer the funds:

Solutions for Change

Kurdish Human Rights Watch

Mental Health Systems, Inc.

Alpha Project


The Regional Continuum of Care Council (RCCC), sandiegococ.org, engages stakeholders in a community-based process that works to:

(1)  End homelessness for all individuals and families throughout the region

(2)  Address the underlying causes of homelessness

(3)  Lessen the negative impact of homelessness on individuals, families and communities

The RCCC is made up of representatives from the County of San Diego, non-profit service providers, religious organizations, law enforcement and other interested parties.


For more information on the CoC, please contact:

Megan O'Dowd (858) 694-4804 | email