Housing and Community Development Services Announcements

Housing and Community Development Services Announcements

Request for Proposals (RFP 10692) for Emergency Shelter Renovation and Emergency Shelter Operations

The County of San Diego is seeking proposals to prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus among individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and at-risk of homelessness. The intent is to mitigate the impacts created by Coronavirus within the ESG jurisdiction of San Diego County, with an emphasis on serving those areas within the Urban County (the emergency shelter may be located in any region within the County but must serve those experiencing homelessness in the Urban County).

Eligible activities include:

  • Emergency Shelter Renovation
  • Emergency Shelter Operations (including hotel/motel vouchers)

Funding Available: $4.8 million

Proposals Due: February 12, 2021

You may view this solicitation at: https://buynet.sdcounty.ca.gov/Solicitations/SolicitationDetail.aspx?SolicitationID=2876085&AID=1&RegUser=Guest

 Please direct questions to Holly Lam at Holly.Lam@sdcounty.ca.gov.


CDBG – Coronavirus

Announcement PDF Here

The County of San Diego, Housing and Community Development Services, is now accepting grant applications for the Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) Program. The County has approximately $4 million available for funding. The main objectives of the CDBG-CV funds are to prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus, particularly to benefit persons of low- and moderate-income. Depending on the project, federal money may be available for your community.  Non-profit entities working in the unincorporated area of the county may propose projects for CDBG funding that benefit low- and moderate-income persons and align with the County's Consolidated Plan. Additionally, the project must demonstrate a clear connection to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Applications are available from December 8, 2020 through 5:00pm January 8, 2021. 


COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

On August 25, 2020, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors approved $24 million for an Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  The County of San Diego will provide a grant of up to $1500 per month for a maximum of two months to cover rent for eligible households financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All forms of assistance will be made directly to the landlord.

For program details and application information, click here.

For questions about your application please call (858) 694-4801.


HCDS COVID-19 Related Updates

The temporary suspension, or moratoriums, on evictions are in place for San Diegans experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Typically under the moratoriums, although tenant rent portions can be delayed, forgiveness on back rents is not covered. Tenants are required to pay back unpaid rent amounts. If you need assistance related to landlord-tenant issues, including information on protections under eviction moratoriums, please contact Legal Aid Society of San Diego at 1(877) 534-2524 or visit their website https://www.lassd.org/

Please see below for information on the temporary prohibitions on evictions.

Moratoriums – Listing of Federal, State and local moratoriums that have been enacted prohibiting tenant evictions for renters.

HUD Flyer: Addressing Tenant concerns regarding rent and the temporary suspension of evictions for non-payment of rent  

HUD Flyer: Tools for Landlords with Tenants Impacted by COVID-19 - HUD published a document to help landlords engage with at-risk tenants while remaining in compliance with fair housing laws and understand the key elements of a repayment plan.  The document also provides links to sample rent repayment agreements. 

HUD Resource: COVID-19 Tenant Guidance: Rent Repayment Plans - HUD published a document to assist at-risk tenants in understanding and pursuing rent repayment agreements with their landlords.  The document includes links to helpful resources and a sample script for requesting a repayment agreement from a landlord.

The Housing Authority of the County of San Diego (HACSD) has adopted the broad level CARES Act HUD Waivers.

Unit Inspections - The Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection process has temporarily changed.

CARES Act HUD Waivers – The Housing Authority of the County of San Diego (HACSD) has adopted the broad level CARES Act HUD Waivers.

HOME and HOPWA Waivers - HACSD has adopted the HOME and HOPWA Waivers


Notice of Funding Availability - No Place Like Home Program

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Housing and Community Development Services (HCDS) is announcing the availability of funding for affordable multi-family supportive housing. Funds will be provided in the form of loans to successful applicants serving persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and have a serious mental illness.

Application submittals must be complete and in compliance with all of the specified application requirements set forth in the NOFA solicitation documents. Download application here.         

No Place Like Home FAQ's

For more information, please visit our website or contact Kelly Salmons  email or 858-694-4806, or you may also contact Felipe Murillo email or 858-694-4807.




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