Project One For All

Project One For All
Project One For All

What is Project One For All?

Project One For All is an extensive effort to provide intensive wraparound services to homeless individuals with serious mental illness.  This effort uses a coordinated approach that includes:

  • A mechanism for County resources to be matched with individuals in need
  • A method for cities, local housing authorities and non-profit organizations to pair with County resources

These efforts integrate our Live Well San Diego vision of a region
that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.

The project components
Project One For All outreach


We are equipping our County employees and our regional partners with knowledge and resources so that they may assist homeless individuals with serious mental illness who are in need of services and housing. 

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Project One For All is partnering with the Regional Continuum of Care Council, housing authorities, cities and the private sector to establish housing region-wide for homeless individuals with serious mental illness. We are connecting those in need by adding capacity for an additional 1,250 housing opportunities. 

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Through Project One For All, we are providing wraparound treatment services, including mental health services and permanent housing.

Project One For All Housing Need Subsidies

Project One For All

Landlords Help End Homelessness


Landlords - Help End Homelessness

Participate in programs that are helping homeless individuals, families and veterans overcome the challenges of homelessness and lead independent lives.  

For more information, please call:

2-1-1 San Diego

or visit:

Project One For All

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Our Contributing Partners:

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project one for all

How Project One For All can help:

"Marc" is a 55 year old male who suffered off and on for many years with severe mental illness. At one time, he had a distinguished career in broadcasting and journalism. However, two years ago, Marc became homeless when his son was deployed to the Middle East. Marc began spiraling downward, went off his medication, and started drinking heavily.

He was often told that he was bipolar, but self-medicated with alcohol. He survived several suicide attempts and was psychiatrically hospitalized a number of times.

After being discharged from treatment for alcohol abuse in a residential treatment program, he was soon hospitalized again.

In between programs and hospitalizations, Marc was still homeless. He was then transferred to a crisis residential program to continue his inpatient care, where he was linked to a Homeless Outreach Worker at the East County outpatient clinic.

The homeless outreach worker placed Marc in a temporary shelter while he continued his mental health treatment and medication at the clinic.  Marc’s main goal was to pursue his “mental recovery” so that he could return to society and pursue work again. In his words “ through the assistance of East County Mental Health, Volunteers of America, Halcyon House, and innumerable other angels , I am pleased to be finishing this chapter…[and have] accepted a job offer in my chosen profession. Words cannot suffice my appreciation to all that helped me. The tears in my eyes right now heart’s [way of] saying thank you.“