Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance Calculation Chart


Please see the  Area Median Income chart AMI CHART for information on San Diego County income limits.

To calculate your possible assistance, you must figure out your total tenant payment (TTP). To find out your TTP, you must calculate your gross annual income, deduct $480.00 for each child, and $400.00 for one or more elderly / disabled family members. You take the balance and divide it by 12 and then multiply that balance by 30 percent.


EXAMPLE - TTP Calculation
Gross Annual Income $8865.00
One child  - $480.00
Two elderly people - $400.00


$7985.00 / 12

= $665.42 x 30% = $200.00 TTP

EXAMPLE – Eligible Unit
Total Tenant Payment (TTP)  $200.00
40% of Monthly Adjusted Income  $266.00
Payment Standard $1113.00
Rent for two-bedroom unit $900.00
Utilities for unit (from Tenant-Furnished Utilities form) $125.00
Rent plus utilities (Gross Rent)



Lower of Gross Rent or Payment Standard $1025.00
Less Total Tenant Payment ($200.00)
Housing Assistance Payment $825.00
Tenant Rent $75.00
Total Family Contribution (Tenant Rent plus utilities) $200.00