Rental Assistance Update your application Here

If you have not done it before, you can apply for housing assistance  HERE. Only fill out ONE application.

Waiting List

While you are on the waiting list, you need to update your application any time there are changes to your address, family or income.

Your changes will be reviewed and processed within 48 hours after you submit your update.




If you move without updating the address on your waiting list application, you may not receive the important letters we send to you.

If our letter to you is returned to us because you don’t live there anymore, you will be taken off the waiting list.

Ready to Update?

To update your application, you need to create an online account. If you've already created an account, please log in to update your application.

  • Your password must be composed of at least eight characters and include at least one upper case and one lower case letter, one number and one special character, such as  !@#$%*+.
  • It can take more than 10 years for your name to reach the top of the list. We will send a letter to you when your name has been selected.