Integrated Vector Management Program

The Vector Control Program (VCP) is a countywide program, within the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ), that works to protect the public from vectors and the diseases they transmit by using a balanced, data-driven integrated vector management strategy.

The VCP is currently preparing a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) to evaluate potential environmental effects of an enhanced Integrated Vector Management Program (IVMP) in order to best target new and emerging vector problems, safeguard the environment, and protect public health.

A series of circles connected with arrows surround the words integrated vector management. The circles read: public education, surveillance and monitoring, disease diagnostics, source reduction, and source treatment.

Integrated vector management uses a balanced and “lightest touch” combination of methods to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases while minimizing effects on the environment. It involves:

  • Public Education - Empowering the public with the know-how  to protect themselves from vectors. 
  • Surveillance and Monitoring - Monitoring vector populations throughout the county to find potential problem areas. 
  • Disease Diagnostics - Detecting vector-borne pathogens using a state-of-the-art lab to protect public health.
  • Source Reduction - Reducing vectors by removing or reducing their breeding sources.
  • Source Treatment - Reducing vectors using a "lightest touch" approach. This includes biological and chemical control methods. 

The Vector Control Program held several virtual informational meetings on November 2 and November 8, 2022. The meetings explained how the Vector Control Program protects San Diego County residents from vectors (animals such as mosquitoes that can spread diseases to people) using integrated vector management, as well as about an upcoming review (Program Environmental Impact Report) of an enhanced version of our program to ensure our efforts remain environmentally friendly.  

A recording of the presentation can be viewed here: VIDEO - Informational Meeting November 2022

Engage San Diego County can also be accessed to learn more about integrated vector management, ask questions, and get updates about the upcoming Program Environmental Impact Report.