Eye Gnats

eye gnat

Eye gnats are small, shiny black flies approximately 1/16 inch in size. They breed in organically rich soil and are normally found at very low numbers in many parts of San Diego County. To produce their eggs, eye gnats feed on the protein found in body secretions such as mucus from the eyes and nose. In large numbers, they can be an annoyance to both people and animals.

Eye gnats are often misidentified as:  
Fruit Flies Fungus Gnats
(photo courtesy of David Reyes) (photo courtesy of Kim Fleming)


To report an eye gnat problem, please call the Vector Control Program at (858) 694-2888, or e-mail at vector@sdcounty.ca.gov. It is helpful if you include the following details in your report: the date, time of day,  location, an approximate number of eye gnats, and climate conditions, including temperature and wind.

Eye gnat ordinances and supporting documents can be found here.


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  (858) 694-2888