South Escondido Eye Gnat Summary

eye gnat

The south area of Escondido has been experiencing an increased eye gnat population for the last few years. The University of California Cooperative Extension, San Diego County, was tasked with determining the source and understanding the dynamics of the eye gnat population in southern Escondido. 

To report an eye gnat problem, please call the Vector Control Program at (858) 694-2888, or e-mail at It is helpful if you include the following details in your report: the date, time of day,  location, an approximate number of eye gnats, and climate conditions, including temperature and wind.

Free Eye Gnat Traps

BeWise Ranch is offering free of charge, eye gnat traps to local residents.  Please call BeWise Ranch at (760) 746-6006 to schedule an appointment to pick up traps.


Eye Gnat Ordinances and Supporting Documents

2020 Eye Gnat Trap Summary

2020 Eye Gnat Complaint Log



  (858) 694-2888