HIV, STD and Hepatitis Branch

Intensive Case Management


Intensive Case Management, also known as ICM, provides assistance to clients who are HIV positive in accessing medical and support services. The program focuses on clients who are currently incarcerated in a San Diego County jail or who require inpatient substance use disorder treatment.

ICM works with HIV positive clients in San Diego County jails who are re-entering the community. While in custody, clients may participate with medical case managers to develop a post-release plan that addresses access to medical care, housing, and substance use disorder treatment.

ICM offers inpatient treatment to HIV-positive individuals requesting treatment for addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. ICM case managers work with each client throughout the treatment process (10-12 months) to promote successful outcomes and to assure linkages with primary care and other services as appropriate.

To be eligible for ICM and placement into residential substance use disorder treatment, clients must:

  • Demonstrate a desire to end substance use,
  • Live below 500% of the federal poverty, and 
  • Have an HIV diagnosis


ICM is funded by the Ryan White Treatment Extension Act of 2009 (RWTEA).


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Last updated December 28, 2022.