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Youth Resources: Difficult Conversations

Talk to Your Partner About STDs

If you’re thinking about having intercourse with your partner, you should to talk to them about how you would protect yourselves from STDs. Having this talk can protect your health and respect each other’s feelings. The first step is learning the basics about STDs and writing down your concerns to share with your partner.

Focus on feeling good about yourself and taking care of your body. See a doctor if you are having sex. Talk to your doctor or another trusted adult if you have questions.

Talk to Your Doctor About STDs

It’s important to talk openly with your doctor about your sexual health, as you would about any other health topic. Your doctor is there to treat you without judgement and will respect your privacy. They will be able to advise you about ways to protect yourself from STDs and help find the birth control that is right for you.

Keep in mind:

  • Your doctor’s seen it before. No matter how troubling something might be for you, your doctor probably has other patients with similar experiences. You are not alone.
  • Your doctor is there to help, not judge or punish. Your doctor is interested in keeping you healthy.
  • Confidentiality means your medical treatment stays between you and your doctor – you do not have to have your parent’s permission to receive care for sensitive medical matters, like your sexual health. Please see our Youth Rights page for more info.


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Last updated March 6, 2020.