Vaccines for All Ages and Stages of Life

Vaccines are important for people of all ages. 
Learn more about which vaccines are recommended at different stages in life.


(Before, During, and After)


Give yourself and your growing baby a healthy start in life with the immunizations needed for a healthy pregnancy.


Infants & Young Children
(ages 0-6)


Make sure your child is up to date with vaccines. Childhood immunizations help protect against serious diseases.


Children & Teens 
(ages 7-18)


 Children and teens should stay up to date on immunizations and booster shots needed to stay healthy. 


(Ages 19-64)


Adults also need vaccines and boosters to protect themselves and their loved ones and continue doing activities they enjoy. 


Older Adults
(Ages 65+)

Older Adults

Your immune system weakens as you get older. Vaccines can provide older adults with protection against diseases.


Schools and Child Care
(Pre-K to 12th Grade)


Immunization requirements for children attending child care, preschool, and school (grades TK/K-12) in California.

travel vaccine

On this page, learn about vaccine recommendations for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.




travel vaccine

Plan ahead and take precautions before traveling outside of the U.S. Learn more about travel vaccines and recommendations.


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