Immunization Program

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Our goal is to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases by improving vaccine coverage for all San Diegans. Our tools are disease investigation/control, education, community collaboration, assessment, school law and the San Diego Immunization Registry. Relevant California Health and Safety Code Sections include 120100-122420, 120325-120380 and 120400-120435. 


Measles: What You Need To Know

The recent multi-state measles outbreaks in the US have focused attention and concern on this very contagious disease. For more information about measles and measles vaccination, please visit our Measles web page.

(See related County News Center story: No Measles Cases in San Diego County; Travelers Urged to Vaccinate)

Flu Season is Here; Get Vaccinated!

Influenza can be a very serious disease, It can make you very sick and can even be fatal. Last year's flu season was one of the most severe on record. Here in San Diego County, there were 20,833 cases of flu reported and 342 people died. That far exceeds the 6,827 cases and 87 deaths reported the previous season.

(See related County News Center story, County Responds to Flu Outbreak at Migrant Shelter)

Flu vaccine is one of the best ways to get protected against flu. For more information about flu and flu season, please visit the Immunization Program Influenza Season 2018-19 web page. And for information about flu clinics at Public Health Centers and other locations, visit the Flu Clinics web page.

Current SDSU Meningococcal B Outbreak Information
For the latest information about the outbreak on the SDSU campus, please click here or on the title above.

Hepatitis A Outbreak in San Diego County is Officially Over

The County has announced that the hepatitis A outbreak which resulted in 592 cases and 20 deaths has officially ended.

For more information, please see the Hepatitis A webpage


Day Care Facilities Immunization Law (SB792)

On Sept. 1, 2016, a new law took effect in California requiring that employees or volunteers at a day care center or day care home must be immunized against flu, pertussis and measles. Learn more at this page on the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Shots for Schools Website.

Information About The Immunization Exemption Law (SB277)

For information about the law, please visit the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Shots for School website


Three Immunization Clinics Offer Online Immunization Appointments

The Central Region Public Health Center (5202 University Ave., San Diego, 92105) and the VIP Trailer (3177A Oceanview Blvd., San Diego, 92113) also offer appointments for immunizations (including influenza) online, in addition to their walk-in immunization services. These locations have joined the South Region Public Health Center in offering this service. Click here to check out the Online Appointment System! Appointments cannot be scheduled by telephone.

Eligibility For Immunizations at County Public Health Centers: Important Information

The following individuals are eligible to receive immunizations at County Public Health Centers:

  • Children and adults who do not have health insurance.
  • Adults whose health insurance does not include vaccines.
  • Persons 0-18 years who are Alaskan Native or American Indian.
  • Persons 0-18 years who have Medi-Cal or are Medi-Cal eligible. (Children with Healthy Families are not eligible and should go to their provider for vaccines.)
  • Persons 6 months and older in need of influenza (flu) vaccine regardless of health coverage.

    Individuals are not eligible for vaccines if their insurance includes vaccinations, even if there are co-pays or deductibles.

    If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for vaccines at County Public Health Centers, please call your local Center.

    You can also view and download a schedule with days and times of services by clicking here.

Services offered by Immunization Branch:


San Diego County Immunization Program Website

The San Diego County Immunization Program Mission is to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases by optimizing the ability of the San Diego community to immunize its residents. 

The Program website contains a wealth of immunization information and can be accessed here:


Foreign Travel Immunization Information

The Immunization Branch does not provide the vaccines needed for travel, but provides information about the vaccines and other protective measures that may be required or recommended for travel outside the United States.

For more information, including the locations of local physicians and clinics who give travel immunizations and medications, please visit the San Diego County Immunization Coalition Website Travel Immunization page here.

For general travelers' health information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Traveler's Health website.


San Diego Regional Immunization Registry

The San Diego Regional Immunization Registry (SDIR) is a collaborative effort of the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency Public Health Services Immunization Branch and other public and private health care providers, schools, child care providers and other county programs. The Registry provides an electronic record of all immunizations given to an individual by participating providers in both the public and private sectors. It is a secure web-based tool that helps doctors with their immunization practice management. The Registry increases patient satisfaction by decreasing unnecessary immunizations and decreases vaccine preventable diseases by identifying shots that are needed.

For more information, including a complete description of SDIR functions, features and technical requirements, go to to be redirected to the San Diego County Immunization Coalition Website.


For information on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Electronic Health Records Incentive Program, called “Meaningful Use”, please go to
 to be redirected to the County of San Diego Meaningful Use information page. 


Additional Immunization Links and Resources

For more information about immunizations, the diseases they protect against and related subjects please see the following links and resources:

National Resources

State and Local Resources

Links to General Vaccine Information

Links to Adult Vaccine Information

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Travel Vaccines


For more information send us an email or phone 1-866-358-2966.