Immunization Unit

Page last updated 6/27/2024.

The San Diego County Immunization Unit's mission is to eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases by improving vaccine coverage for all San Diegans. Our tools are disease investigation and control, education, community collaboration, health and vaccine assessments, school law, and the California Immunization Registry. 

Relevant California Health and Safety Code Sections include 120100-122420, 120325-120380, and 120400-120435. 

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Community Resources

Discover helpful guidance on where to find immunization services throughout San Diego County.


Vaccine Provider Resources

Stay up to date with the latest guidelines and strategies to ensure the best care for your patients. Navigate resources on immunization guidance and review recommendations on perinatal Hepatitis B prevention. 


Immunization Unit Programs

Discover additional information about the Immunization Unit Programs offered by the County of San Diego. 

For more information or to request materials,
contact the San Diego Immunization Unit via e-mail or call us at (866) 358-2966.