Who We Are & What We Do 

In 2016, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors initiated the Live Well San Diego Food System Initiative (Food System Initiative) to take a leadership role in improving the food system in the San Diego region.

The Food System Initiative Working Group (Working Group)—an internal County team with representation from multiple County departments—developed an Action Plan to implement the Food System Initiative. The Working Group collaborates with multiple organizations throughout the region to leverage efforts and resources to enhance the regional food system.

Accomplishments of the Food System Initiative include:

All of this work is possible through a collaborative approach with County departments and stakeholder organizations working with one goal in mind: creating a robust and resilient local food system that builds healthy communities, supports the economy, and enhances the environment.

Framework & Vision


  • Provide the County of San Diego with resource assistance, education, momentum, and support on issues related to all aspects of food system improvement. 
  • Demonstrate regional leadership by integrating comprehensive food system improvement programs/policies within the County of San Diego, threading with the incorporated cities. 
  • Support nutrition education and nutrition assistance for those who need it, and partner with food producers, distributors, and retailers to increase access to healthy food options. 
  • Maintain food quality, prevent foodborne illnesses, and promote safe conditions for all involved in the food system. 
  • Promote the sustainability of local agriculture by streamlining regulations and preserving agricultural lands. 
  • Collaborate with local food system stakeholders to increase food donation to decrease food insecurity countywide. 
  • Work with growers, distributors, farmers’ markets, retailers, and restaurants to increase consumer confidence and sustainability of local agriculture. 
  • Thread with other County initiatives, programs, and external stakeholders to comprehensively improve the food system countywide.