Resources Specific to COVID-19

San Diego County Farm Bureau Logo

The San Diego County Farm Bureau developed a directory of San Diego County Farmers and Ranchers who are selling their products directly to consumers. 

San Diego Food System Alliance logo

The San Diego Food System Alliance compiled two resource libraries:

1) Support - for those who are willing to help and support the food system 2) Resources - for those impacted by COVID-19 and in need of emergency relief

The resources include information for residents, farms and fisheries, food businesses, nonprofits, and food access. 

Volunteer with the Local Food System


Learn About the Food System

Inputs, Food Production & Consumption

  • Learn about hydroponics, an innovative and soilless food production system and aquaculture, seafood production in coastal waters. 
  • Check out Real Food Reads list of over 40 books that explore the intersection of food, politics, and culture. 

Food Donation & Reducing Wasted Food

San Diego Food System Alliance poster on climate change and food
  • The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas provides the current state of food donation laws and policies along with policy recommendations for strengthening food recovery efforts.