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County Garden Shows How to Grow Produce in a Small Space

The County Operations Center's Demonstration Garden is a small 20ft by 20ft plot of land that showcases urban gardening, and demonstrates how this can be replicated for small urban spaces!  All are welcome to visit the garden and attend upcoming events. Scroll through the following resources for help creating your own urban garden, and learn more about the garden with our Fact Sheet (Hoja de Datos).


What do you want to learn about? Click the images below!


Looking for fresh and local produce?

Explore the Good Food Finder, apply for CalFresh, and visit and shop at Certified Farmers Markets.

Composting can be practiced almost anywhere... in your backyard, at work or at school, even at an apartment!

Our garden utilizes compost to make our food healthier and save water. Learn more about how to compost by visiting & checking out our demo compost bins!


Learn how to start composting by watching this video

Find out how to get your discounted soil and worm compost bin by clicking here

Did you know that you can support the County’s 2018 Climate Action Plan goals by gardening?

Home gardening promotes sustainability and helps the County reach its residential climate action goals. Visit the CAP dashboard to see how we're doing! 


This garden supports the County's Agriculture & Conservation efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by storing carbon dioxide in soil.

This garden also supports the County's Water & Waste Water efforts by reducing unnecessary water use and demoing a rain barrel

Did you know that you can help protect San Diego’s water quality and save money by using water more efficiently?

Our garden helps protect San Diego’s water quality by planting seasonal produce and watering only when necessary. Learn more about how you can help by visiting and checking out our demo rain barrel!


Find out how to get your own discounted rain barrel by clicking here

Learn more about the Watershed Protection Program's incentives to reduce water use here.

The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures works to defend against invasive pests in our garden...

Did you notice insect traps placed throughout the garden's planting beds and trees? The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures places these to protect against the spread of harmful pests and plant diseases. 


Follow along with the latest Pest Detection News on the County News Center. 

Learn more about insects and plant diseases that could affect your garden and home here

Plant for the pollinators!

Our garden plants seasonal flowers and native plants to attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, beetles, bats, and birds! A tip for gardeners is to mix flowers in vegetable beds at the same time the vegetable garden is planted to increase the biodiversity of plants.


To learn how to attract and maintain pollinators in your own garden, read this guide by the University of California.

The County's Honey Bee Protection Program expands beekeeping opportunities, promotes responsible beekeeping, and ensures public safety.

Learn about the types of seasonal produce that are grown in San Diego County!

The County garden grows produce that is in season for San Diego's climate so that the flavor and nutrients are at their peak! Looking to add seasonal produce to your garden? Check out the Farm Bureau of San Diego County's harvest calendar


The Master Gardener Association's Vegetable Planting Guides & Growing Guides offer a detailed catalog of gardening techniques for produce grown in both the warm and cool seasons! 

Download UCSD Center for Community Health's Harvest of the Month Toolkit and seasonal calendar to learn the types of produce that are grown locally in each season! 

Eating seasonally grown produce has several benefits for humans and our environment...

Did you know that produce grown in the County garden is consumed by our employees, students, and local communities? Make sure you know where to purchase local, seasonal produce near you.


Support locally grown food by buying your produce directly from farmers! Find the best location and day for you at

Use the UCSD Good Food Finder Tool to find local farmers' markets and community-supported agriculture programs in your community.

Plant a container garden anywhere – even right on your own patio!

This garden features a container garden to show that growing vegetables, produce, or herbs at home doesn't require a large amount of space. Get started with container gardening by checking out these basic tips


Follow along with the Master Gardener Association's Things to Do This Month Guide & Today in the Garden Blog to make sure you don't miss out on a single home gardening tip!

Don't forget to also check out the Small Space & Container Gardening Blog to learn how Master Gardeners design and care for their container gardens.

Take a book, or leave a book, at the garden's Little Free Library 

Little Free Libraries are book-sharing boxes where anyone can take a book or leave a book for free! Visit the Little Free Library in the County garden to learn more or visit


Looking for a Little Free Library location near you? Check out the Little Free Library Organization's World Map.

Taking and sharing books is free to all! Learn more about this initiative by reading the County News Center article and watching this video.