Collective and individual actions do add up. Everyone, every business, and every entity has a role to play in addressing climate change. Check out these simple actions you can take at home, in your workplace, or in your community to make a difference. Click on the tiles and resources below to learn more.



Get Involved!
  • Volunteer with the County as a park ambassador, community center helper, or park docent/naturalist. Students/youth under age 18 years old are welcome.
  • Attend a Community Planning Group meeting
  • Help at a community cleanup event with I Love a Clean San Diego 
  • Educate youth on climate change using science, art, and storytelling with the Climate Science Alliance Climate Kids program. 


Sustainable Living Tips

Reduce Energy Use

Did you know? Buildings account for almost 40 percent of global energy-related CO2 emissions. Green buildings are profitable, cost-effective and good for the economy.

Reduce Energy Use

Did you know? The average Californian commutes approximately 30 miles roundtrip per day. Compared to gasoline, $0.60 of electricity can take you as far as a single gallon of gasoline, which can cost updwards to $4/gallon. 

Conserve Water

Did you know? High-efficiency clothes washers save 11,000 gallons/year.

Did you know? 1/10 inch of rain on 1,000 square foot roof equals 62.5 gallons of water.

Conserve Water

Did you know? Up to 70% of your water bill goes to watering your lawn and garden!

Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste

Did you know? 40% of all plastic littered or dumped ends up in the ocean each year. Surfrider collected 174,000 pieces of waste, including 7,800 plastic straws and lids at a 2018 county clean up event.  

Prevent Wasted Food

Did you know? 40% of edible food in San Diego County goes uneaten, while 1 in 7 San Diegans face food insecurity. In California, 6 million tons of food is thrown away! That accounts for 18% of materials in the landfill while nearly 5 million Californians remain “food insecure.” 

Did you know? Adding an inch of mulch twice a year to your garden can help retain moisture, build soil fertility, and protect plants. 

Build Soil

Help Build Healthy Soil

Did you know? Added to soil, compost increases water holding capacity, makes soil less prone to erosion, requires less fertilizer, and sequesters significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.