Community Development CDBG Subrecipient Resources

CDBG Subrecipient Resources


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Organizations, cities, and County Departments that receive CDBG funds from us are considered CDBG Subrecipients.  Forms, documents, and links on this page are provided for Subrecipients use and information.

If you are a current CDBG Subrecipient and you have questions about this information or about your CDBG contract, please contact: 

Marco De La Toba | email


Video Presentations:

See our CDBG Video Presentations, overall looks at the CDBG application process.



CDBG Training and Forms:

Playing by the Rules, Handbook for CDBG Subrecipients

Bonding Requirements, (HUD Portal document, page 52: 2 CFR PART 200.325)

CDBG Monitoring Common Findings, Common mistakes found in monitoring

CPD-OIG Integrity Bulletins

Federal Labor Standards, (HUD Form 4010)

Davis Bacon Federal Wage Determination and Sample Davis Bacon Federal Wage Determination

HUD 11 Form and Instructions, Record of Employee Interview - Employee form to show labor compliance

Federal Contract Work Hours & Safety Standards Act, (Other Wage Requirements)

Project Wage Rate Sheet, Form HUD-4720 for listing employees’ wages & benefits

Davis Bacon Contractor's Guide, assisting contractors in determining wage requirements - a 33 page PDF

Davis Bacon Contractor's Guide Addendum, assisting contractors in determining wage requirements - a 21 page PDF

Report Form - Davis Bacon Labor Standards Enforcement Report, Form 4710 Semi-annual Labor standards enforcement report form. Instructions for completion

Report Form - Davis Bacon Certified Payroll, Payroll form WH-347, Instructions from US Department of Labor 

Work Site Posting Notice, in English / in Spanish, Employee rights poster

HUD Office of Labor Relations

State Dept. of Industrial Relations of Apprenticeship

State Contractors License Board

System Award Management (SAM) - Exclusion Records

Equal Opportunity Employment Provisions

Report Form - MWBE 2516 Sample, HUD Contract and subcontract activity form

Section 3 - HUD Exchange

Report Form - Quarterly Report, CDBG Subrecipient Quarterly Progress report

Report Form - CAPER, part 1, and Report Form - CAPER, part 2, Subrecipient Annual Performance & Evaluation form