Landlords, Why Use Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers?

Landlord Incentive Program


Landlord Incentive Program

Landlords -
participate in programs that are helping Homeless Individuals, Families and Veterans overcome the challenges of homelessness and lead independent lives.

According to the 2023 Regional Taskforce on the Homeless Point-in-Time Count in San Diego County, there are 10,264 people experiencing homelessness in our region. Approximately 5,093 are sleeping in shelters and 5,171 are unsheltered.


The Landlord Incentive Program (LIP) for Homeless Individuals, Families and Veterans provides financial incentives to landlords who rent to homeless participants in housing programs by the County of San Diego.  Incentives include leasing bonuses, holding fees, application expense reimbursement, damage claim reimbursement, security deposits, utility assistance, and landlord liaison services.

Incentives may be available for landlords who rent to homeless individuals, families and veterans throughout the greater San Diego region. If your property is in the City of San Diego, please visit:

Some of the Benefits for Landlords:

Leasing Bonus

  • Landlords may receive up to $2,500 for each unit newly leased to a veteran experiencing homelessness.

Application Expenses

  • Financial assistance of up to $50 may be paid directly to landlords to cover applicant costs, such as credit report and application fees.

Security Deposit Assistance

  • Funding provided directly to landlord to cover security deposits. 

Holding Fees

  • May be available for eligible participants.

Landlord Assurance Fund

  • Up to $5,000 is available to reimburse landlords for loss of rent or damage to units in excess of the security deposit.

Landlord Liaison

  • Landlord partners receive personal customer service from the Landlord Liaison to assist and share vacancy leads, answering LIP questions, assists landlords to connect with tenant’s Housing Specialist or supportive service providers to address supportive service needs. Additionally, any person may contact The San Diego Access & Crisis Line (ACL) 24  hours a day, 7 days a week. For more details please visit the counties Access & Crisis Line page.

LIP Flyer

LIP Flyer – Spanish

  • Units must be located in the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego jurisdiction.  For more information, visit: and click on the “Areas Served” button.
  • Current Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participants and all other non-new admission Housing Choice Voucher participants are not eligible for the LIP for Homeless Individuals, Families and Veterans incentives.

In general, eligible tenant participants are engaged in supportive services through homelessness-focused County of San Diego programs and have been issued a rental assistance voucher from the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego. For more details please visit the counties Access & Crisis Line page.

  • If you are a landlord, owner or property manager, and you would like to partner with the County of San Diego, please see the Landlord Participation Interest Form. The County Landlord Liaison will contact you to provide more information on how we can work together.

For more information on the regional effort to end veteran homelessness, visit Leave No Veteran Homeless.