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For more detailed information, please see the Landlord Handbook.

Listing Your Property

How do I list my property?

Add your property here.

Rental Assistance Programs

What kinds of rental assistance programs are available?

If they qualify, a portion of their rent will be sent directly to you, the landlord.

  • The amount of rental assistance provided is based on the renter’s family size and income.

How do I participate?

  • If you have an available rental unit, you may receive an application from a resident who qualifies for rental assistance.

You will screen this applicant just like any other applicant and decide whether to approve the application.

If so, the applicant will give a packet of forms to you.

These forms should be completed and mailed back to the address below:

The Housing Authority of the County of San Diego

                     3989 Ruffin Road

San Diego, CA  92123

  • Then we will inspect your rental unit to make sure it is safe and healthy for your tenant.

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)

When does the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) period start?

  • The period for which the assistance will be paid will start either the date the unit passes inspection (see Inspections below) or the date the family moves in, whichever is later.
  • The HAP for a newly approved unit is issued approximately two weeks after all paperwork has been received by our office.  
  • After the first HAP, the rest are electronically deposited into your appropriate account on the first of each month.
  • You can contact us if a payment is not received by the tenth working day of the month.

Renter Screening

Does the Housing Agency screen the family for suitability as renters?

  • We do not screen families for their suitability as renters in your building. This is your responsibility; however you may ask for the name and address of the current landlord and the renter’s previous landlord.
  • We will look at a renter’s background as part of their rental assistance eligibility process. 

Lease Agreements

Can I use my own lease agreement?

  • Yes, you may use your own lease agreement; however, a lease addendum containing U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements must be added.


Does the unit need to pass an inspection?

  • A unit must pass a housing quality standard inspection before the tenant moves in and then again approximately every two years.

Rental Costs

How much rent do I charge?

  • The monthly rental cost must be reasonable compared to similar units. If the rent is too high, the unit may not be eligible for assistance.
  • We want to be sure the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego (HACSD), taxpayers and families are paying a fair price.
  • The total amount is the combination of what the renter pays and what the Housing Authority pays every month, and it is called the “contract rent.”

When can a landlord increase the rent?

  • Just as you do with other renters you may increase the rent after the expiration of a lease.
  • You must notify the tenant and us 60 days before the rent can be increased, and this increased rent must be reasonable compared to similar unsubsidized rents in the area.

How much of a security deposit can a landlord collect?

  • The landlord is allowed to charge a reasonable security deposit according to state and local laws.


Is there any written documentation?

  • You and the HACSD sign a contract stating, among other things, we will provide rental assistance on behalf of an eligible family.
  • Signing the contract is a program requirement.

Lease Terminations

When can the lease agreement be terminated?

  • You may terminate the lease if the tenant violates any of the terms of the lease, or for another good cause.
  • The landlord and renter can mutually decide to terminate the lease at any time.

Selling / Foreclosures 

What if the property is sold or goes into foreclosure?

  • The owner must contact us prior to selling the property.
  • The contract and lease terminate upon sale of the property; however the HACSD and the new owner may transfer the contract, which will provide for uninterrupted rental assistance payments.

Changing Ownership or Management of Property

What is the process for changing ownership or management of property with assisted rentals?

  • The landlord must notify the HACSD and the tenant of owner changes as soon as possible so that future payments can be issued correctly.
  • You can promptly mail or fax written notice to the assigned Housing Specialist.

Our address is:

                     3989 Ruffin Road

                     San Diego, CA  92123

Fax: (858) 467-9713

  • To report a change in management or ownership please send a list of affected, assisted residents and proof of change such as a grant deed, closing escrow documents or the new property management contract.

Areas Served

What areas are served by the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego (HACSD)?

  • Other cities also have housing assistance programs