Welcome to the Earth Day Play Page! On this page, you'll find fun videos and songs, printable activity workbooks and coloring pages, online games, and interesting science experiments. When you're all done playing don't forget to pick out an Earth Day book to read from San Diego County Library's online ebook collection. Select the activity you want to start with by clicking the icons below. Have fun and Happy Earth Month!

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Listen, Watch, & Engage!

Note: The videos on this page provide subtitles and closed captions (cc) that are available for translation in multiple languages by clicking the settings icon on the bottom right corner of each video. 

The Earth Song! 

There are eight planets in our solar system, but the most beautiful is the one we call home. Sing along to The Earth Song and celebrate our Earth!

What is a Watershed? 

What is a watershed? What happens to watersheds when it rains? Find out how scientists use precipitation data to predict how much water will flow into streams and rivers in your watershed!

What is a Storm Drain?

Did you know that only rain goes in the storm drains? Here's a few things you can do to help limit water pollution and make our planet a much better place to live.



Become an Earth Ranger!

Tag along with Earth Ranger Emma as she explores the deep jungle, treks the frozen Arctic and splashes around some wetlands, all in the name of science. Become an Earth Ranger!



County Library 2024 Earth Day Books

Earth Day 2024: Make every day Earth Day! Earth Day 2024 Collection 

How Does Your Garden Grow? From planting to relaxing with a good book, these titles will get you out into the garden. How Does Your Garden Grow? - San Diego County Library - OverDrive

Spring Cleaning: You can clean out your house, clear out your mind, or clean up your act. Spring Cleaning - San Diego County Library - OverDrive

Explore Our National Parks Explore Our National Parks - San Diego County Library - OverDrive

Activity Corner 


Unscramble Earth Day Words!

Many common household products, especially those labeled "Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison, Toxic, Flammable or Corrosive" are considered hazardous and need to be handled and disposed of properly. Find common household hazardous waste in the Department of Environmental Health & Quality's word scramble!




What's the Buzz About Beekeeping? 

In order for plants to grow fruit, their flowers need help from pollinators like honeybees. Show your support for our flying friends by solving this word search! 




How many invasive pests can you find in your neighborhood?

The Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures works to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive pests within San Diego County. See if you can find these pests near your home and sketch a picture of them!



Fight the Bite

Fight the Bite!

The Vector Control Program’s kids’ website has activities, crafts, and videos for kids to learn about mosquitoes and how to prevent them from breeding and growing into biting adults at home.



Hungry Pests

Explore the world of hungry pests!

Can you find all nine invasive pests in their hiding place? Can you match the Hungry Pest to its shadow? Meet the pests that pose a threat in the U.S. and learn to protect the plants you love!




Seven Steps to a Healthier Happier Earth

Be a healthier and happier Earthling – try to complete one earth-friendly activity every day of the week! 



Energy Savings

How much do you know about energy savings?

Find out in the Energy Savings Adventures Activity Book – 12 pages of word searches, scrambles and matching games for teens that focus on clean air and energy production!





Nonpoint Pollution Word Search

Pollution Word Search 

Can you find these words or phrases on the US EPA's nonpoint pollution word search? Learn about pollution sources and find out where pollution comes from. 

Rock Your Watershed

Rock Your Watershed!

Select different types of land use for your watershed and then make it rain! Try to balance profit, soil nutrients, soil in water, and biodiversity to see how environmental factors influence your economy. 


The Watershed Sleuth Challenge 

Learn more about your watershed—what it is, why it’s important, and what you can do to help protect it, as you earn badges at each level of this three-part game!

Become a Watershed Detective

Become a Watershed Detective

Analyze water samples to find out what is causing water pollution and determine how to stop it!

Backyard Mystery

Solving a Mystery with Science 

Join forces with your friends to solve the backyard mystery, and when you're done have fun with backyard bingo!

DNA for Dinner?

DNA for Dinner?

Learn about genetic diversity, genetic codes, genomes, DNA, and biotechnology by solving puzzles and playing games.  Find our what's in our food!


Color Your World


Design, Build, & Experiment 

Note: The videos on this page provide subtitles and closed captions (cc) that are available for translation in multiple languages by clicking the settings icon on the bottom right corner of each video. 

How do you dispose of your eggshells after you're done with them? Repurpose wasted food through this exciting science experiment and make crystal rocks at home!  Learn how here

Make Geodes
Grow A Fruit Tree

Did you know you can grow fruit trees from seeds that you save? If you want to start harvesting fruit trees, you’ll love this easy way to grow your own fruit trees for free.

Build Your Own Model
Make Your Own Thermometer

In this project, you can investigate which liquids work best for thermometers by making three of them—each with a different liquid. Test it out and become a scientist!