Electric Vehicle Roadmap - Goal 3

Promote and incentivize County employee electric vehicle ownership

Targeted Outcome

Increase County employee electric vehicle (EV) ownership and use to reduce employee commute emissions.


EV charging

As the fifth largest employer in the San Diego region in 2020, the County has potential for large reductions in commute emissions through the increase in County employee EV ownership.

The County promotes the benefits of driving an EV for personal and fleet use, hosts workplace charging challenges and EV ride-and-drive events, and partners with banks, credit unions, and dealerships to extend EV lending and pricing benefits to County employees.


  • Created a tracking tool to actively monitor the reduction vehicle miles traveled from employee commutes as a result of telecommuting and alternative work schedules for the County’s over 19,000 employees.
  • Avoided an estimated 10,611 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) from telecommuting and alternative work schedules in 2022, which is comparable to planting 17,685 tree seedlings. A total of 36,529,767 vehicle miles were avoided, resulting in a 26% reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) compared to employees working in-office full time.
  • Implemented a survey for County employees to gather data on the current rates of employee EV ownership and to explore potential incentives that can encourage employees to purchase electric vehicles. Nearly 25 percent of all County employees participated in this survey and approximately 80% expressed interest in buying an EV within the next five years.