Electric Vehicle Roadmap - Goal 3

Promote and incentivize County employee electric vehicle ownership

Targeted Outcome

Increase County employee electric vehicle (EV) ownership and use to reduce employee commute emissions.


EV charging

As the third largest employer in the San Diego region, the County has potential for large reductions in commute emissions through the increase in County employee EV ownership.

The County promotes the benefits of driving an EV for personal and fleet use, hosts workplace charging challenges and EV ride-and-drive events, and partners with banks, credit unions, and dealerships to extend EV lending and pricing benefits to County employees.

2019-2020 Accomplishments

  • The Land Use and Environment Group assembled a cross-departmental working group to identify and develop a reporting system that will establish the baseline number of miles that employees drive to and from their work location with the number of days that employees telework. This baseline will help determine how to structure alternative transportation benefits and to promote solutions such as EV ownership.